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Tlfno/FAX Tlf: (+34) 958 23 00 00/ FAX: (+34) 958 55 26 20
History and Location
Situación del Instituto Location of the Institute
Datos del Centro The Centre
Antecedentes y Directores Antecedents and Directors

Organization and Staff
Situación del Instituto Staff List
Datos del Centro Structure
Antecedentes y Directores Governing Bodies
Antecedentes y Directores Library

Lines of Research
Situación del Instituto Laboratory of crystallographic studies (LEC)
Datos del Centro Marine geosciences and global change
Datos del Centro Lithosphere dynamics and evolution
Datos del Centro Geochemistry, petrogenesis and mineral processes
Datos del Centro Low-temperature mineral processes
Datos del Centro Petrology and high-temperature geochemistry
Datos del Centro Stable isotope geochemistry
Datos del Centro Soil and environmental chemistry

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Convocatorias de contratos

Resolución contrato titulado medio FC2 (ver Resolución)

Listado admitidos contrato titulado medio FC2 (ver listado)

Resolución contrato Técnico Sup. AA.TT y Profesionales (ver Resolución)

Listado de admitidos contrato Oficial AA.TT. y Profesionales (ver listado)

Modificación listado admitidos contrato Técnico Superior AA.TT y Profesionales (ver listado)

Resolución contrato Titulado medio FC2 (ver Resolución)

Modificación listado admitidos contrato Técnico Superior AA.TT y Profesionales (ver listado)

Convocatoria contrato Diplomado en Geología (ver Convocatoria)

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The Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra (IACT) is a Joint Centre of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and the Universidad de Granada (UGR), as established by the cooperation agreement signed by both institutions on September 29, 1994 to reorganize the former Joint Centre (Instituto Andaluz de Geología Mediterránea), founded in 1986.

The said Agreement established the general framework governing the activity of the Institute, in particular the following aspects:

  • Development and support for research activity in the field of the Earth Sciences, to the benefit of scientific research in general and its socio-economic projection.

  • Support for and intensification of research activity linked to higher education carried out by university teaching staff.

  • Strengthening of research links with other centres in Spain and abroad with the aim of promoting better connections in similar areas and encouraging the exchange or research experiences between Spanish scientists and those of other countries.

  • Participation in training programmes for postgraduate and postdoctoral research assistants.

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