Economic & Administrative

Economic & Administrative
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Economic & Administrative

Economic & Administrative


The economic-administrative services, personnel management and projects are the Service Unit responsible for the economic, administrative and labor management of the IACT. Under the organic dependence of the Director, they are coordinated by the General Manager, with the following functions:

- The economic and administrative management of the general services, purchases, supply and maintenance of the Institute.

- The economic and personnel management of the projects or contracts in course, without prejudice to the attributions of the corresponding principal investigators.

- Economic and budgetary management and contracting of external works and services.

- Preparation of the preliminary draft annual budget of the Institute.

- The administrative organization of the Institute.

- The head of the staff in regard to its administrative regime and the supervision of all service units.

- The care and control of the proper use of the facilities and the heritage of the Institute.


The unit is subdivided into the following areas:

- Management

- Enabling - Payments

- Human Resources

- Project following

- Diets and Travel

- Purchases and Inventory

- Administration at the UGR


Provision of services and price list