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The IACT Library is a specialized, public library of a restricted nature. Included in the Natural Resources Area of the CSIC Library Network, which serves both internal and external users.

Librarian: Carmen Serrano González



Our collection is freely accessible and consists of 1,646 books and 51 journals on paper, 4 of them alive. In addition, as well as the electronic books and journals subscribed by CSIC and the University of Granada.

As a Library of a joint center CSIC-UGR, our collection is integrated and can be consulted  in the CSIC Library Network and in the catalog of the University of Granada. In addition, they are integrated into REBIUN (Collective Catalog of the Network of Spanish University Libraries).


Support the research activities carried out by the IACT, covering the bibliographic needs raised by the researchers and derived from the development of the Center’s own research lines. The library performs the precise technical work to provide users with access to information resources in any medium to satisfy their scientific information needs.

Promote the use of resources and tools that the CSIC and the UGR provide to its researchers, strengthening our role as “mediators of scientific information”.

Research support. CSIC Libraries provide support to the research, communication and scientific evaluation processes of the institutional scientific community with services focused on stimulating good practices for Open Science at CSIC.


Collected in the Charter of Services of the CSIC Library Network:

Information, attention and guidance to users

Libraries and Archives Catalogs

Reading Room


Document Reproduction and Digitization Service

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service

Digital.CSIC Mediated Archiving Service

Access to electronic information resources

The CSIC Virtual Library

The University of Granada Electronic Library


Remote Access Service to electronic information resources to a number of databases:

  • CSIC: PAPI Off-Campus Access Service and Lean Library extension are the tools that CSIC Library and Archive Network provide to access the electronic resources licensed to CSIC from any place with an Internet connection, even if it is not located inside a CSIC institute. Any CSIC staff member can access electronic resources from outside his work centre using the PAPI Service.
  • UGR: Access to the different electronic information resources of the UGR can be done from the UGR Network, either directly from any computer connected to the network and located on a university campus, or using the existing wireless network at the UGR. And to access resources from outside the University Network should be done through VPN.

Open access to scientific production:


Provision of services and price list