The Crystallization Factory

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The Crystallization Factory


The Crystallization Factory is an integrated platform that provides high quality scientific and technological services in Crystallization and Crystallography. We offer support to companies and research groups in areas as diverse as biomedicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, natural sciences or materials science, delivering services in three main areas:

  1. Crystallization of biological molecules (including the expression and purification of proteins).
  2. Crystallization of molecular compounds obtained from any type of organic or inorganic material, and the screening of polymorphs and cocrystals.
  3. Structure resolution and characterization by X-Ray diffraction (in single crystals and polycrystalline materials).

Scientific advisor: José Antonio Gavira Gallardo

Responsible technician: Cristóbal Verdugo Escamilla, Raquel Fernández Penas


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