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I am a geologist with strong interest in research, particularly in the field of mineral resources. I completed my undergraduate degree in Geosciences at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia (2018), followed by a Master’s degree in Applied Geology for Mineral Resources at the University of Granada (2021), and an additional Master’s degree in Geology and Environmental Management of Mineral Resources at the University of Huelva (2023). Throughout my academic career, I have focused on conducting research in the petrology and geochemistry fields.

Currently, I am at the CSIC-IACT through the MECOBE project, where I am working on my PhD thesis focused on the nanometalogeny of magmatic-hydrothermal ore systems, under the supervision of Dr. José María González Jiménez (IACT) and Lola Yesares (UCM). This research is a critical component to pursue my PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Granada. I am excited to continue expanding my knowledge of mineral resources research and apply it to challenging projects in the future.

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